Our mission is to be a market leader in the development of Mexican infrastructure for the transportation of natural gas. We aim to be profitable for our investors and partners. We endeavour to provide the best quality of service to both the public and private sectors. Our energy projects improve the development of our country and we seek to always limit effects on the environment. It is our priority to operate in an ethical manner.


In Fermaca our high-standards of quality ensure that we are in keeping with market requirements to being leaders in the development of infrastructure for the energy sector.


Fermaca has always been committed to the development and growth of México. Our values drive our organization and, when coupled with the commitment and dedication of our staff, make all the difference every day.

Our values are embedded into every single member of staff and can be found most prominently in the leadership of our company.


Loyalty is of the utmost importance to us. We endeavour to always be loyal to our customers, our partners and, of course, our values. We understand the key to success is a mutual exchange of loyalty – at Fermaca, we are true to our word.


We are honest in every aspect, from the way we act to what we say. We respect our partners and our employees. We are always fair in our conduct.


We are relentless in our pursuit for success. It is through the collective enthusiasm, passion and commitment of our employees that we achieve our goals. We operate as a cohesive unit; the more difficult the task, the stronger the unity in our team. As a result, we work efficiently to produce high-quality work.


Integrity is a fundamental aspect in our company. We always look to operate in an ethical manner – internally with our employees and partners; externally with our clients and the communities in which we work. We are committed to being transparent and make it a priority to earn the trust of our clients and employees.


We fully analyse the effects that our actions and decisions will have on the community and the environment before commencing a project. We always look to make the best decision in order to benefit all those involved and to limit any adverse effects. Complying with the laws and regulations that govern us is a given. We are always responsible for our actions, notably towards our customers, employees, shareholders, the environment, community, authorities and any other stakeholder.


The respect we give to our customers, employees, partners and others who deal with us distinguishes us as a company. We pay close attention to the needs and interests of others and do our utmost to fulfil our obligations.