At Fermaca we constantly seek to widen our international network to provide México with the finest services and products. In keeping with our commitment to quality and excellence we have formed strategic alliances with international companies that lead in their areas of expertise.


Damen is an international shipbuilding group established in 1927 which produces over 200 ships a year. They developed the rudimentary concept of shipbuilding and are actively involved in designing, constructing and repairing ships. In addition, they also provide a wide range of maritime services. Damen is currently regarded as a market leader in the maritime industry and has a widespread network which operates in over a hundred countries.

It is for this reason that Fermaca has united with Damen in a strategic partnership to build and deliver the finest vessels suited to a wide range of needs, including national defence.


Frizona specialises in the development of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

The partnership between Fermaca and Frizona focuses on three specific areas:

  • • Maritime
  • • Defence
  • • Offshore

Within these areas, Frizona develops new projects involving construction and renovation. The company ensures reliability and quality, offering over two decades of experience.

Frizona provides its clients with the best solutions for temperature-regulating technology, product treatment and various onboard instruments.

Fermaca works closely with Frizona because they are the ideal partners when it comes to air condition on all types of vessels. Some of these include:

  • • Trade ships
  • • Offshore support vessels
  • • Ferries
  • • Patrol vessels
  • • Workboats


Melfosur is an engineering and construction company that possess high levels of expertise. As a result, Fermaca benefits from the enrichment it lends our knowledgebase – this results in a competitive advantage in the market.

Melfosur has over twenty five years of experience in a constantly changing market, participating both nationally and internationally. They have cemented their place as market leaders and uphold a strong culture for excellence.

Melfosur is spread across America, Africa, Europe and Asia, and has participated in projects in Romania, Nicaragua, Peru and Bangladesh.

Melfosur has offers a broad range of activities and services. Some of these include:

  • • Energy production
  • • Substations
  • • Low tension
  • • Engineering