México's state-owned monopoly on power generation means prices are very high and reliability is an issue. As a result, private industries are keen on reducing their cost of power and constantly seek to improve reliability; many companies are now looking towards self-sufficiency, whereby they generate and regulate their own power. In response to the needs of the market, Fermaca has conducted extensive market research to identify the industrial power needs, from those that are small scale (<1 MW) to larger scale (>200MW).

Due to a host of attributes, Fermaca has been able to develop several tailor-made projects of varying size to provide our clients with the most efficient and most appropriate solutions for their energy needs, with notably low priced fuel – both renewable and non-renewable. Some of our attributes include a broad knowledge of natural gas, long-term partnerships with key services in the industry and a thorough grasp and understanding of the legal structure within México.

We individually develop each project after assiduously analysing our customer's needs. We take into account their energy demands, site conditions and local infrastructure before selecting the most suitable technology and supplier – the key objective always being efficiency, reliability and a cost-effective solution for our clients.