Interest in natural gas has increased substantially over the last five years due to the price increase of other traditional hydrocarbon fuels. As a result, methods of delivering the molecule have also increased; one of these methods is Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

CNG is the ideal solution for industries that cannot receive natural gas through existing pipelines or for industries whose needs do not justify the construction of a connecting pipeline.

In addition to being a major private transporter of gas through pipelines, Fermaca also offers CNG solutions to our clients. Our CNG will be transported and stored in specially designed containers at a pressure of around 300 bars. This allows the containers to carry up to 300 times the volume of natural gas compared to traditional pipelines. The pressure and temperature can easily be adjusted to the required levels, depending on the needs of our clients, through decompression units at the destination of the CNG.

Over the past 3 years, Fermaca has obtained a great deal of valuable knowledge about reputable CNG suppliers and the technology required to supply it. Presently, we have formed strategic alliances with such suppliers, allowing us to provide CNG to our clients from around 6 months (from contract signatures). As a direct result of these alliances, we are able to offer the most efficient and cost-effective solution available on the market.