Bienes Raíces y Construción S.A. de C.V. has been a part of Fermaca for over 50 years and has an important role in the development and construction of infrastructure in México.

BRYCSA-BCYSA is the engineering subsidiary of Fermaca. Their vast experience and active participation in projects that develop key infrastructure has established them as market leaders. Some of these projects include LPG storage facilities, power generation facilities, LPG and natural gas pipelines, storage facilities and compressor stations, telecommunications, roads, health, culture, waterworks and education facilities.

Range of services offered by BRYCSA-BCYSA:

• Engineering and design

• Property rights consultancy

• Environmental consultancy

• Specialised engineering through strategic alliances

Today BRYCSA-BCYSA is one of the most important companies in México for the development of energy-related infrastructure due to its adept construction, engineering, Right of Way and environmental services.